this is us

Our Story

Two sisters who were California dreaming

One sunny day at the endless beach in Southern California, a vision by two sisters was born – To create yummy snacks that are good for our health, our animals, and our nature. Holding the surfboard in one hand and a snack in another, we said to ourselves: “One day, we are going to make the yummiest vegan snacks in the world. When people take a bite, they are going to feel what we are feeling now – healthy good vibes”.

That day is here. When people try our bars, you can see them California dreaming…gone to the beach.

…vision to create a more loving world

So, why vegan?

We just love happy cows and clean oceans. Simple as that. That is why raising awareness and eating plant-based is the least we could do. We fully believe that being healthy goes hand in hand with making the world better. Because when you feel good – you do good, right?

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