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Our Story

Born in California by two Swedish sisters

We are two sisters who fell completely in love with the Californian dream. Countless palm trees, mind blowing pink sunsets and creamy avocado toasts. Going absolutely nuts (like coconuts) at Whole Foods and stocking up the fridge with hundreds of fresh foods was a daily thing. Moving back to Sweden we noticed that the vegan alternatives were not as common in the stores. So we started asking ourselves how the vegan foods could be a minority when it clearly is the best alternative for your health, the animals and the environment? Why is there only one small shelf for plant based foods in the grocery store? As if the vegan foods were part of a “special diet”? That’s when we saw an opportunity for us to make an impact. With our vision to create a more loving world, we wanted expand the vegan food options and make sustainable eating the most given choice. So we applied our passion and knowledge with this vision and created Earth Bite – vegan snacks that are friendly to the animals and sustainable for our environment. Good for the world, so to say.

…vision to create a more loving world

The future is vegan

We believe that in the future people will look back and say: “Hey, did you know that back in the days they used to eat animals?”. We know that we are moving closer to this every day, and it is our firm mission to be part of this evolution by making it easier for people to eat plant-based foods on a daily basis, and at the same time raise the awareness of how we as a community can create a kinder, more loving, world.

…we want to raise awareness

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